Emma McGlynn & The Monorails


Emma McGlynn & The Monorails (UK)

Having spent much of her childhood living in Germany and the U.S, and later in Spain (where she first began to write in earnest), Emma has a deep well of varied experiences to draw on. She has continued to travel with The Monorails, regularly playing across Europe from Vienna to Athens, the Buffalo Bar to Benicassim. Now based in London she forms part of the Arts Collective ‘Wide’ putting on theatre, art shows, gigs, club nights and film screenings.
Equally at home promoting talent as being an artist herself, Emma has put on shows by hundreds of artists such as Chemical Brothers, Doves, Super Furry Animals and Beth Orton (as well as current events ‘Adventures In The Beetroot Field). All passing through and adding to Emma’s unique take on the music. While many of today’s songwriters who are grabbing media attention (mentioning no names) rely on the reliable hand of professional hit makers to co – write their songs and propel them to stardom, Emma pens all her songs herself and has always shied away from the fickle tricks of the industry who invest in talent, and then dilute it with the same old names tweaking a chorus here and a middle eight there to prepare an artist for mainstream mediocrity. Emma’s songs are her own clear and at times vitriolic visions.
While Emma’s songs are undoubtedly her own, ‘Long Time Baby’ shows the raw swagger, which along with Emma’s laid back guitar, showcases the drugged out garage punch of the monorails rhythm section. Production was handled by long time Monorails collaborator Julian Simmons, recently responsible for the finest work by Guillemotts, Midlake and Brinkman.