Markus Kienzl


Markus Kienzl (klein rec., sofa surfers / A)
After 2 EPs, several soundtracks, and scores of remixes and contributions to compilations, Markus Kienzl, a member of renowned electronic dub collective SOFA SURFERS, is ready to release his first solo album. The result of four years of work, "Product" is a compilation of tracks that were reshaped and harmonized specifically for the album format.
The development of the album¹s sound aesthetics is both stringent and traceable. It shares with its quasi-precursor, the "TILT"-EP (released on Klein Records in 1999), the understated and seductive soundtrack-like atmosphere as well as the interplay of dry and minimal dub rockers, soul influences, semi-industrial jazz, and sci-fi ragga.
"Sure, club music is quite important for me but I¹d be bored producing an album of music just for clubs. That makes sense if you produce a single, and it¹s great fun doing it live in the clubs. I remodel the tracks for that purpose. An album, however, is another thing altogether." This attitude is responsible for the fact that Kienzl created a number of tracks that work well on the dance floors, yet have enough substance to be carefully listened to in calmer surroundings.