Ebudspenc (A) Ebudspenc, born 1985 in a small town near Schärding (Upper Austria) started buying records at the age of 16. At the beginning, he was influenced by HIP HOP and OLD SCHOOL BREAKS, followed by FUNK and GROOVE. At this time he was known by the name STEVE, which also is his real name. Quite early he got in touch with a Vj and DJ Collective called ONAN, which started organizing parties in the area of Schärding, and of which he is a member since 2002. After a musical change he started playing more and more electronic sounds, a lot of NUJAZZ followed by ELECTRO. In the year 2004 another organistion, called KVRSS, started to come into being and influence the party scene. Now his musical journey reached a new point, when he started playing TECHNO, MINIMAL and BREAKBEATS (NEW SCHOOL BREAKS).