VJ azz


VJ AZZ wurde in taiwan geboren und lebt und arbeitet nun in Wien

dies hier schreibt sie selbst über sich: auf english!

vj azz?
made in taiwan, located in vienna.
vjing since nov 2003
domestically famous for her
dark yet colorful animation + “polite” but pushy images
bands she’s been working with :nitro mahalia (aut), fatima spar and the freedomfries(aut), parabol(aut), kill the dead(aut)
snd some of the artists/communities she’s been visualising for so far:
amon tobin(bra),luke vibert(uk), egoexpress(de), jimi tenor(finland), venetian snares(can), daedelus (ninja tunes, usa), justice(fr), uffie and dj feadz(fr), electric indigo (aut), mike ladd(usa), lonecatalysts(NYC brooklyn),Cheb I Sabbah (usa/algeria), dj smoove (uk), firnwald(de), the broken beat orchestra(aut), antonelli electro(de), markus kienzl (sofa surfers-aut), total science(uk), Pop Ivan (hun), Evolution Dejavu (Tschechien), CHAKRA HACKER KOSMOSWORKESTRA(Milarepa Verzio/HU), vienna dub club, vienna noisecamp(aut), artery01, temp record, club resolut and karawane communities…..
from minimal techno to breakcore, from gypsie big band to punk rock, from funk soul bro to jungle sis… she’s open to all good music that move her feet and heart!