Bela Butono feat. Deph Joe (live) Urbs & Cutex on the decks

Samstag, 3. April 2004

AK: 8 EUR, kein VVK

Bela Butono


Stellt euch vor: der Winter ist Geschichte, die Märzenbecher blühen, die Discokugeln strahlen, es klingt nach funkiger Gitarre, nach Fender Rhodes und MiniMoog. Irgendwo verkündet ein Laptop groovende Beats. Dazu noch mitreißend -charmanter Gesang - das klingt nach Bela Butono, der oben abgebildeten Band.

EP "clubthemes j4f" (soundlab / soulseduction)

Urbs & Cutex

urbs-cutex_peace_talks_cover .jpg

in the beginning there was the loop. a good loop makes the sun rise. you close your eyes and soon forget that it doesn´t change because it develops and grows, and if it´s a really good loop, you want it to last forever.

"breaks of dawn" is very much about that magic. a very puristic record, 10 funky tracks and no gimmicks since we considered it a compromise to arrange little tracks around the loops in the first place. in fact "breaks of dawn" doesn´t sound very modern, you could say it sounds oldschool, at the end we tried to make it sound ... timeless, a dj-tool for all kind of moods. the decision to do a record together was spontaneous yet logical.

both spinning hiphop the deep and funky way for more than ten years, both being jazz-lovers, record hunters and labelmates on uptight records, there was no discussions about matters of taste at all. when urbs had the idea to "cover" the cover of a tribe called quest´s "midnight marauders" (one of our favourite hiphop albums), he experienced a sign of the gods (or the quest?) enstrengthening him to realize the idea. since witnesses can prove that at that very moment the record suddenly appeared on tv, standing around in a rack in that one lucy pearl video. the heads on our version can all be considered as friends, a bunch of creative people out of a township called world.